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Hey girl, welcome to Monday Muse!

Mon l day l Muse1 [Muhn-dey-Myooz]
A boss babe who is the source of artistic inspiration and empowers others utilizing their intellect, positive nature and of course their fabulous personal style, while reinforcing this upon their fellow girl bosses.


We are two girls from the Toronto area in Ontario, Canada who met over drinks with a mutual friend.  Our love of wine led to an incredible amount of laughs and this amazing idea that we should open a business together... literally the first night we met. {Oh hey, what's your name again?  Let's open a business!  Cheers!} The next day we checked in with each other to see if it was the wine talking or if we were really onto something and the rest is history!  We started this business with a different idea of where we want to take it then what it is now and it has (& will continue to) evolve into this incredible journey of handmade and locally sourced clothing, capsule collections of handmade jewellery as well as a few other treats that we include from time to time. 

We absolutely love what we do and the people we meet doing it!  So please, hang out with us for a little while and let us know if you have any questions or if you just want to show us love by clicking here. If we could give you a glass of wine while browsing, we would, because shopping with Monday Muse is like a party and obviously some of the best ideas happen with wine in hand!


Ash (Tall Boss) & Em (Small Boss)

(believe me, it makes sense when you see us)

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